Logan is the third X-Men movie focused around The Wolverine and is effectively the final movie of the X-Men Universe as we know it. It takes place in the year 2029, and there is virtually no trace of mutants outside of Logan and the very elderly Professor Xavier (once again played by Patrick Stewart). When Logan one day finds himself as the protector of a young mutant girl named Laura, he has to summon the strength to complete one more mission before he calls it quits. I would love to be able to do a review of this film without spoilers, but I just can’t because all my favorite things about it could easily be considered spoilers. So for that reason: WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Bad

 The success of Deadpool last year really opened the door for more Marvel movies to be rated R, and Logan definitely qualifies for the R rating it received. Let me make this as clear as possible, if there is part of you that thinks that you may not be able to handle this movie, then you definitely will not be able to handle this movie. It is extremely intense, very gory, and quite sad throughout. My least favorite part of the movie was when the family that Logan, Xavier, and Laura were staying with were killed by X-24. They were such a good family and they were teaching the group a lot about what it is like to be a family and to care for people, but they are brutally killed by and X-24 clone that was sent by the people trying to get Laura, aka X-23. At that moment I was honestly pretty mad with the movie for doing that. Later on I realized what the significance of that was and I’ll explain in the next section.

Another thing to mention is the fact that this film might take quite a while before it really grabs your attention. The first hour or so was ok and all, but I just wasn’t gripped or emotionally connect with it yet. I really believe that 30 minutes or so could easily have be shaved from this film’s runtime without really sacrificing in terms content or storyline.

The Good

 First of all, the acting in Logan was superb in my opinion. We know Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are going to do their thing, but I thought some of the other characters gave us great performances as well. Richard Grant and Boyd Holbrook played a couple of the main villains, and I thought they both did a solid job. Dafne Keen played Laura, a young mutant who was born from a woman that was given Logan’s DNA in a sperm sample to get pregnant. I thought Dafne was incredible to be honest. The way she just developed as a character from beginning to end was beautifully acted by Keen as well as written and directed by James Mangold.

Another thing I loved is how, even though Wolverine is now old, washed up, and getting poisoned by the metal in his hands, they still worked it out for him to have some awesome action scenes. He really gathered the strength to kick some butt on a couple occasions, along with X-23 of course. In the final fight scene, he takes a huge does this medicine that heals him and temporarily gives him the strength to fight just like the good ‘ole days. That was what I was really hoping to see.

Character development was a huge part of what made this movie so great. I already talked about Laura a little bit, but also our perception of the villains is constantly changing as we learn more about their past. Logan himself learned some major lessons that changed who he was as a person. I loved the development of the relationship between Logan and Laura. It started out a just Logan doing a job that he said he would do and ended with the two loving each other in the kind of way you would expect in a father-daughter relationship.


The character development is what really got my emotions involved. The way this film connects with you emotionally for the last hour of this movie is by far the most fantastic thing that Logan brought to the table. It started with the scene that I mentioned earlier in which the family that helps Logan gets killed along with Professor X in the process. Then you start to feel it when Laura and Logan are driving to North Dakota to try to find this place called Eden. More emotions are felt when they are in a safe house in ND connecting on the burden they both feel because of how they both have been hurt by people, and also have hurt people. In the final scene, Logan is fatally wounded by X-24 while saving Laura. Sorry guys, Logan does die, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about spoilers. What ensues after he is wounded, is simply beautiful. Laura hugs him and calls him Dad for the first time and starts crying. This moment of her hugging him and crying while he dies is so crucial for the closing of the book that is Logan’s life. All of his life, nearly everyone that he grows close to is killed by someone that has a bone to pick with him, while he lives on and never forgets about it. There is so much pain and loss in his life, and since he couldn’t die himself, he has to live with the pain. This loss is accentuated in this movie as everyone who comes to there aid is killed. However, at the end, Logan gets to hold Laura close and share a moment with her. He passes away knowing that he has saved someone that he cares about and he doesn’t have to feel pain anymore. It was such a beautiful moment and it might just make you cry.

The Rating

A movie that takes a while to really be taken captive by, but once you are, you will be locked onto the screen until the end credits. If gore and bloody violence don’t bother you, then you probably will love this film. Then again, if you are still reading through all these spoilers you probably have already seen the film anyway. A fitting end to a great movie franchise.



I just want to give a quick shout-out to Hugh Jackman. Logan marks the end of a 17-year run of Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. During that time we have seen 3 different actors play Spider-Man,2 play Batman, 2 play Superman, 2 play Bruce Banner/The Hulk, but only one Wolverine. When Hugh Jackman started his run as the Wolverine, Bill Clinton was still the President of the United States. My point is that he has given so much time and effort into giving us the best possible Wolverine we can have, and I just want to thank him for it. His Wolverine will forever be one of the most popular hero characters ever. Thank you, Hugh Jackman.


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