Black Panther (Spoiler Free)

Ever since Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, I have been waiting in anticipation to get another look at the King of Wakanda on the big screen. The wait came to an end today and the movie didn’t disappoint. Black Panther is the last movie to drop in the MCU before Infinity War comes out in May and it left me very eager to see how the T’Challa and the Wakanda will play a role in the fight. 

The Bad

By far the biggest problem I had with this movie is that some of the visual effects looked really fake. Many of the coolest scenes in the movies were obviously shot in front of a green screen and that kind of stuck out as an eyesore to me. I just wish the cinematography felt a little more natural and with a budget of $200M, I would’ve thought that Ryan Coogler could’ve found some viable options to shoot some of the aesthetic shots. Also, there were a couple scenes where the CGI images placed on the natural background just looked really bad. One that comes to mind is in the last scene where they land one of their aircraft onto a basketball court in a city neighborhood. It honestly looked like I was watching one of those augmented reality apps that place a dinosaur on your screen or something. It didn’t look super professional to me.

As much as I loved Michael B. Jordan’s character, I wasn’t a big fan of his acting in this movie. Some of it might have just been the writing, but the way he delivered some of his lines left me relatively unconvinced.

The Good

Over Black Panther was extremely well cast and the majority of the performances were great across the board. Chadwick Boseman was fantastic as well as Lupita Nyong’o and Martin Freeman to name a couple. I mentioned earlier about how some of the CGI in this film stood out like an eyesore. I should clarify that this is still a very pretty movie with some beautiful scenery.

The soundtrack curated by Kendrick Lamar is on point. There are places where the music is supposed to be tribal-esque and the music sounds very appropriate. Other times during a car chase or something Kendrick hits us with a great new song that I’ve already listened to on Spotify. The music and sound mixing is definitely one of the strengths of the film. Comedy-wise, while Black Panther doesn’t necessarily try as hard to be funny as some of the other recent Marvel movies such as Ant-Man and Spider-man: Homecoming, there were quite a few comedic moments that landed with me.

Michael B. Jordan’s character was really cool. I loved his storyline as well as the way he looked and acted. Honestly, he might be one of my favorite Marvel villains to date. Unfortunately, like I said earlier, I wasn’t convinced by his acting performance, but I really love the character.

One last thing that I want to point out is that this film tries to pass a message that is much more important than just the theme of a superhero movie. It is about how we are all in this together, no matter the color of our skin or the tribe (or nation) we were born into. That is a message I can get behind. Good work Disney.

The Rating

I would love to give you more info but as usual with MCU movies, they are best unspoiled. Black Panther seems to be targeted a little more at the young adult population with its modern references and hip-hop soundtrack. I had a lot of fun with it though it may not have quite lived up to my extremely high expectations. It is still most definitely a must see for any frequent movie goer.



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