Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds is back in the red spandex for Deadpool 2 and this time he has a lot of expectations to live up to. His first movie in the franchise broke the box office record for R-rated movies. Since then, Disney purchased the rights to all the Marvel characters that were under their ownership. Could Deadpool 2 still be just as much a success with Disney now writing the production checks?The Bad

I know that throughout the Deadpool franchise they often joke about how a certain occurrence is just lazy writing. However, there is some seriously lazy writing in this movie. It kind of reminded me a little bit of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Both movies were thrown together pretty fast in hopes that it will keep the interest as fresh as possible. They both were a big money grab in a way and both rely heavily upon slapstick/crude comedic elements and are willing to sacrifice on plot complexity.

They are really any other things that stand out like “I didn’t like ____ about Deadpool 2″. Really it’s more about the fact that the movie is exactly what one would expect it to be in every way. The same old gimmicks, jokes, CGI, as the first movie. Pretty bland and pretty predictable writing but honestly that what you should expect with this franchise.

The Good

Also similar to Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Deadpool 2 made me laugh a lot. I personally love the character that Ryan Reynolds has created and he did a great job again in this film. Some of the other likable characters are back again such as T.J. Miller and Karan Soni (you may not recognize his name but you know him). I also really like the job that Josh Brolin did as Cable. He is one of just two completely serious characters with significant roles, Colossus being the other, but I think they did a good job of not letting him bring down the speed and mood of the rest of the movie.

My absolute favorite thing about the Deadpool movie franchise is the pop-culture references and 4th wall breaking. There wasn’t as much of the 4th wall breaking in this film as there was in the first but the pop-culture references were on point. They gave me all the references that I was looking for except a Disney joke but I read later that they had to remove any jokes about Disney’s impending media monopoly from the movie just before it released.

The Rating

This movie is exactly like the first and therefore I seemed to enjoy it about the same. It is fun, it makes you laugh and cringe, and it has decent action scenes. The Deadpool franchise will never be more than that and they have accepted their niche in the industry. Basically what I am saying is, if you enjoyed Deadpool than I expect you will like Deadpool 2 pretty much the exact same amount.



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