Incredibles 2

The single movie that I have been most excited for all year came out last week and I hope most of you have already seen it. Once again directed by Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 is expected to be a good time for kids and adults alike. The first installment has been my personal favorite Pixar movie to this point, but was the sequel good enough to overtake it for the top spot on my list? Let’s get into the review. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The Bad

Really the bad things in this movie all have to do with the storyline. To me, the storyline was very cliche and predictable. Let’s take a look at the names of two of our new characters. First, we have Winston Deaver. He is a big fan of supers and the inherited owner of a huge corporation. Then we have his sister, Evelyn Deaver, a design and tech genius that is a little more sour with the idea of supers. If you say her name out loud once or twice it becomes pretty obvious the intention behind her name. From the very beginning, I knew that she was likely the villain and that made the big reveal a little bit of a letdown.

Also, some of the main plot points are extremely cliche and worn out. The whole mind control thing is a theme that I’m kind of done with, especially in animated movies. Just in the animated sector, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Spongebob Movie, Toy Story 3, and Zootopia are all animated movies I can name right off the bat that turn good guys against some of the other good guys with mind control in some form. Heck, there was a trailer for the Teen Titans GO! movie that looks like it will turn the big boy superheroes against the teen titans because of mind control. It’s just a worn out and overused way to manufacture exciting fight scenes when the main villain in a movie is too old or fragile to actually be capable of fighting the heroes themselves. Incredibles 2 falls way short of the original when it comes to this aspect.

The Good

This film is hilarious. It is much funnier than the first in my opinion and a lot of it comes from the story arc that follows Mr. Incredible’s adventures as he tries to be a stay at home dad. Jack-Jack is a huge part of the film and every scene he is in will make you smile and laugh because of how cute the miniature super is. There is a scene where Jack-Jack gets into a fight with a raccoon and it is honestly one of the funniest scenes in any Pixar movie.

Brad Bird pretty much took everything that we loved about each of the characters in Incredibles and added an extra spoonful of real life to their development. Dash was really the character that got the least attention but he was always there when we needed a witty little one-liner that is aimed at aggravating Violet. In my opinion, it is impossible not to have a great time with this movie if you like the first movie because the audience feels like they get to know each of the characters so much better.

The animation quality has improved a lot in 14 years but they do an amazing job at making the movie look very similar to the first, while also showing off added attention to detail. The animation quality is so much better than the original, but you don’t really feel like it looks different. That may not make a lot of sense but just know that this movie looks really good. One other thing I noticed is the contrast in darks and lights that really make the animation pop like no other animated movie I have seen.

The last thing I want to mention briefly is the score. Michael Giacchino put together another great film score for us and it really does a great job expressing the type of energy the characters are feeling in any given scene. It honestly kind of felt like a Mission Impossible soundtrack and that’s probably no coincidence since Brad Bird also directed MI: Ghost Protocol. 

The Rating

Great family movie? Yes. Hilarious, Cute and Action-Packed? Absolutely. A Must-see? 100%. Better than the first? Not a chance. It did it’s best but the storyline was just too plain and predictable for it to surpass the original in my mind.


Where does Incredibles 2 fall in my Pixar rankings? Well, I’m excited to say that I’m going to be posting my ranking of all 20 Pixar movies sometime this week! So look out for that!



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