Six of My Favorite Movies that You’ve Likely Never Seen

This article that I wrote for MovieBabble highlights some of my favorite movies that you need to add to your watch list! Check it out!




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  1. movierob says:

    great picks Perry. Ive seen 3 of the 6 🙂 still need to see Hoodwinked, Little Prince and LCoZ. Source Code is my favorite of ur 6 and I only saw OB once when it came out but I plan to see it again next week as a friend chose that I watch it and review it for his b-day! WR is also quite solid but I think was slightly overhyped


  2. Ah I thought this post title sounded familiar, I’ve read it on MovieBabble 🙂
    I’d seen a couple but you definitely added to my ever-growing watch list!


    1. Perry Wilson says:

      Great! Let me know what you think!


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