Ralph Breaks the Internet

Aaaand……exhale. I can’t begin to express to you all how thankful I am that Ralph Breaks the Internet doesn’t suck. When I saw the first trailer I immediately thought it was just going to be a pointless money grab with non-stop pop-culture references and product placement out the hundred acre wood. Turns out, only one of those things is untrue, this movie actually has a very relevant and heartfelt message. Let’s talk about it. 


The Bad

So there was a hefty amount of product placement in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Thankfully, I really don’t think it took away very much from the movie. With this type of movie, it would be almost impossible to avoid putting company logos for Google, Amazon, or Twitter everywhere. The way they did it is definitely better than just creating fake company names that obviously reference the real-life companies.


The worst part was definitely towards the end when all the Ralph virus clones are created. They feel out of place and were honestly kind of disturbing. They then all kind of join together to form some kind of Ralph virus Megazord. That whole section of the movie just wasn’t as good as the rest. 

There are things about the storyline that don’t make a lot of sense. For example, Ralph is clearly in the internet for longer than 24 hrs because that is the amount of time he had to make enough money to buy the steering wheel to save Sugar Rush. Why was no fuss made about Ralph being once again missing from the Fix-it Felix game? Also, the whole Ralph fixes his insecurities so the virus goes away thing…..I don’t buy it. Not all the little details make sense but you will enjoy the movie more if you just accept it and move on. 

The Good

First off, you can tell right away that the animation quality has stepped up since Wreck it Ralph. The images are beautiful, full of color, and really make this movie fun to look at. The parts of the movie that take place in the Slaughter Race game are what impressed me the most. The animation in the game is different in color and style but they blended it seamlessly with Ralph and Venelope’s animation. 

I was also very impressed with the musical score of Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was original but also did a great job blending themes from Star Wars and all of the princess movies. Speaking of the princesses, Directors Phil Johnston and Rich Moore absolutely hit it out of the park with them. They were HILARIOUS! The movie exposed many of the Disney Princess stereotypes and made fun of them. The way they did the princesses really brought out my inner Disney fanboy. That section alone is enough to make the movie worth watching for big fans of the Mouse House. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the message that this film had to offer. On the outside, it was a story about a friend that is too clingy and insecure. He doesn’t want anything about his life to change and in that sense, he is being selfish to his friend who wants to chase her dreams. Read a little between the lines and it is a story about growing up. It is about being worried about change or unwilling to move on. As someone who is getting ready to graduate college this May, that message hit me right in the feels. There was a scene right at the end where Ralph is video calling Vanellope and she tells him that in two months her game will have some maintenance downtime and they can hang out. I can relate a lot to that scene because it reminds me that before long I will be in Ralph’s shoes. I will likely be separated from most of my college friends and we will have to plan months ahead to get together. I found the story to be very well thought-out and heartfelt. 

The Rating

Honestly, Ralph Breaks the Internet isn’t for the little kids. Don’t take that the wrong way, little kids will have a great time with it. But I believe that this movie is for my generation. The generation that has grown up with the internet in our pockets at all times. The kids who have lived off of screaming goats and Bob Ross memes. We are the same kids who will relate most to this message of growing up and moving on in life. The story is funny, heartwarming, and 100% worth the watch. 



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