My Top 10 Movies of 2018 + Awards

This has been an interesting year in the movies and a very tough year to rank my top ten. It’s not because of a huge wealth of fantastic movies, but actually because of the opposite. My top few movies were head and shoulders above the rest, which made it very difficult to decide which movies would take the 5-10 spots on the list and in what order. Certain movies such as A Quiet Place, that was on the Top 10 list of many critics, didn’t land as well with my taste. That being said, there were still plenty of solid films that are worth giving a little recognition. Similar to last year, I didn’t get the chance to watch every great film that hit the theaters this year. So if there were certain movies that you think belong in my top 10 that I haven’t mentioned, let me know which ones and I will try to give them a watch. Let’s get it all started with the honorable mentions. 

Honorable Mentions

A Simple Favor- A really unique comedy/mystery starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. I am truly surprised how little recognition this movie has been getting because I genuinely enjoyed it. I had a really tough time not including this one in my top 10.

Solo: A Star Wars Story– This might be a controversial choice because I have seen this on a few lists of worst movies of the year, but I actually had a good time with Solo. It’s not perfect by any means but I felt like they did what they set out to accomplish with the film.

Christopher Robin– A nice nostalgia film. It is kind of slow at times but as someone that grew up watching Winnie the Pooh TV shows, I enjoyed the heartwarming nature of Christopher Robin. This is admittedly not a kids movie, but it may make adults feel like kids again.

The Post: This movie came out forever ago and I haven’t got the chance to rewatch it, so I don’t have a super clear memory on why I enjoy this movie. What I do remember though, is that Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep give performances that remind us why they are living legends in Hollywood.

10. Creed II

As a casual fan of the Rocky movies, I have honestly been somewhat surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the Creed films. I have never found Michael B. Jordan to be the most talented actor in the world but I love the way he puts 110% into every role he takes. Creed II has a surprisingly sincere and heartwarming story outside of the boxing ring and Tessa Thompson is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses with all of her great performances. 


9. Ant-Man and the Wasp


Ant man

I was really excited that this movie was good. Ant-man and the Wasp managed to find the same kind of balance between action and comedy that earned the original film an 82% critic score on rotten tomatoes. In fact, it actually managed to surpass the original with a score of 88%. Evangeline Lilly shines brightly throughout this film. Not only does she do her best to empower women by becoming the first female character given representation in the title of a Marvel movie, but she does it with a kind of poise and grace that can’t be understated. She reminds young women that you can be strong and independent, while still being feminine. Oh also, Michael Peña is still hilarious.

8. Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 Movie Poster Family


I had a tough time with Incredibles 2 when it came time to rank my favorite movies of the year. I would’ve liked to have a chance to rewatch it to refresh my memory on how much I truly enjoy the movie. Regardless, I believe Incredibles 2 deserves a spot on my list. It is a much funnier movie than the original, although it definitely falls short in other aspects. The animation quality is spectacular, as is usually the case with Pixar films. I was really optimistic that this movie would be one of my top 2 or 3 favorites of the year before I saw it, but the plot was too cliche for that to be the case. 


7. Black Panther


Black PantherDoesn’t it feel like Black Panther has been out for a couple of years now? Nope, it came out in February, I just double-checked. I have been lucky enough to rewatch Black Panther a couple times in the last few months, and my opinion of it still pretty much matches that on my original review. It is a really solid Marvel movie that has a style very different to anything we have seen in superhero movies before. The characters are great and the story works pretty well. Now do I think it deserves the Best Picture nomination that it has been lobbying for? Probably not. 


6. Ralph Breaks the Internet


Ralph 2

Ralph Breaks the Internet was the other really good Disney animated sequel that came out this year. My expectations were tempered for this release, mainly because I felt like the concept (or something similar to it, @ The Emoji Movie) has been attempted in the past and been unsuccessful. Thankfully, this movie was a lot more than just a comedy-hour filled with internet fads and out-of-date memes. There was a heartfelt storyline that resonated pretty well with me personally. Similar to Incredibles 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet is not as good as its predecessor. It is still a really good film with a lot of different elements.


5. Ready Player One


Ready Player one

First of all, no, I did not read the book. All of the people I have talked to who didn’t like Ready Player One said that it was because of how different it was from the book. The concept of this film was really intriguing to me. The idea of going inside a video game reminded me a lot of the movie Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, a movie that wasn’t very good but had a concept that I enjoyed. I envisioned Ready Player One to be a much more polished version of this idea, and I really ended up having a good time with it. The animation looked great. The Oasis was so interesting that it made all of the live-action scenes seem dull and boring by comparison. I can see why this movie isn’t showing up on many top 10 lists, but I enjoyed the concept and the execution of The Oasis so much, it just had to make my list. 

4. Mission Impossible-Fallout

MI Fallout

After I absolutely fell in love with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, I was eager to say how Tom Cruise would follow it up. Is there any actor on the planet that does massive death-defying stunts like Tom Cruise? Pretty sure that’s a no. Fallout is as big as any movie he has done before. The choreography in all of the action scenes is incredible and I was once again surprised by the impressive twists and turns interwoven into the storyline. Henry Cavill was a nice addition to the MI franchise and Rebecca Ferguson gives another strong performance. While movies 5-10 were pretty tough to order on my list, it was easy for me to tell that Fallout was a step above all of them. 


3. A Star is Born

A Star is Born

The best way I can describe the experience of watching A Star is Born is just as a long and emotional journey. Bradley Cooper shows why he is considered such a top tier actor as he continues to add to the wide variety of roles in his movie portfolio (and man can he sing!). Lady Gaga is also really enjoyable in her debut acting performance and she really shows off her incredible voice throughout. The music in the movie is great, but I think I will remember A Star is Born more by the way the writers make the audience feel connected to Jack and Ally. Following their story is a rollercoaster ride that will be sure to have you experiencing all of the major emotions (not at the same time thankfully). In a year without a lot of really good movies, A Star is Born is a really good movie.

2. Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War

I am guessing a lot of you assumed this would end up my number 1 just because of how much I love the MCU. Honestly, it was super close. The Russo brothers did a fantastic job with a movie that could have easily been a disaster just because of how many movies lead up to this moment. They found a way to balance the screentime of over 20 important characters. The visual effects were great, and the action scenes even better. Another thing that I really liked about Avengers: Infinity War was how they managed to create a mood that was much darker and more urgent feeling than anything we’ve have experienced in these movies in the past. However, they still found times to lighten the mood and remind the audience that even though it is a darker movie, it’s still the MCU. 


1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse


Of all of the movies coming out in 2018, I never would’ve guessed ahead of time that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse would be my favorite. There were so many things that made this movie such an awesome experience. For starters, the soundtrack was fantastic and fit in great with the overall feel. It is full of funny moments, not just childish comedy like many people probably expected. The animation style is unique and makes the viewer feel like they are right in the middle of a comic book adventure. It is a rare occurrence that I can be this confident in recommending a movie to people, but I can truthfully say that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is for ANYONE. Super-hero fan or not, lover of animation or maybe not so much, child or adult. This film was truly unique and it really blew all expectations right out of the water. Sony Pictures Animation and director Bob Persichetti hit a home run and I am expecting them to win their first Oscar for Best Animated Feature. 


Popular Movies I Still Need To See:

If Beale Street Could Talk, First Man, Vice, Green Book, Upgrade, Mary Poppins Returns, Bohemian Rhapsody


Most Underrated Movie:


I watched this way back in January so a lot of it has faded on me. However, I still remember it being a very gripping and heavy western film. It had a very authentic feel with some solid acting performances.

Best Acting Performance:

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga- A Star is Born

Biggest Disappointment:

Uncle Drew

Best Costume Design:


The Movie I am Least Likely to Watch Again:

Robin Hood

The Movie I am Thankful that I Didn’t Watch:

Truth or Dare

Best Original Song:

Shallow-A Star is Born

Most Popular Article of the Year:

Pixar Rankings 

Just like that, 2018 is in the books! My only regret is that I didn’t get to see more movies. This year I watched a total of 23 movies in theaters, which is a few less than I have seen the past couple of years. Like I said before, most of the movies that I saw this year were solid, but very few of them really separated themselves as great in my eyes. I am anticipating 2019 to be my biggest year yet. The slate is loaded with huge Disney titles such as Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, The Lion King, Captain Marvel, Toy Story 4, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Frozen 2, and of course the Star Wars IX. Not only are a lot of huge films coming out, but I am also graduating in May! Anyway, I want to thank all of my readers and followers for a great year on The Cinema Psycho and I can assure you that the best is still yet to come!!

What was your favorite movie of the year? Where do you agree or disagree with my list? What movies should I watch next? Let me know!


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  1. Keith says:

    Fun list and a few that popped up on mine as well. Really glad M:I – Fallout is popping up on other lists. I really had a blast with it.


  2. So glad to see Ready Player One love!


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